There are many ways to tell a story. Through a blog, through conversations, online posts, and so many more. A lesser known way to tell a story is through t-shirts. Your t-shirt can tell a story. Your t-shirt can tell your story. Today, we’ll tell you how!

Whether it’s your story, your child’s story, a friend’s story, or even your pet’s story, you can do that through custom apparel and custom shirts. The first step in telling your story through a t-shirt is picking the type of garment. This could be an eco-friendly shirt to show your love for the environment, a shirt that’s made in the USA to show you prefer to source domestically. Your story starts with the branding of your shirt.


The second step in telling your story through custom apparel is choosing the color. Maybe it’s pink to show your support for a family member affected by breast cancer or blue because that’s your favorite color, the color selection contributes to your story! Not only the color selection of the shirt itself, but the color of your print as well. Printing your logo with your brand’s colors for the business you built yourself adds to your story!

The third and final step in telling your story through custom printed apparel and t-shirts is the thought you put into your print. A picture’s worth a thousand words and so is your design! This could be your favorite family photo you can’t get enough of, your business’s logo, an inside joke, and so much more. The message behind your design could only mean something to you but it’s a part of you and helps tell your story.

No matter what your story is, good, bad, triumphant, etc. it’s your story. Custom t-shirts can help tell any story. Whether you’re printing for you, your business, your team, or your family, there’s always a story to tell. What’s your story?

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