The Idol Star Jennie Kim’s Agency Breaks Silence on Marvel Casting Reports

The Idol Star Jennie Kim's Agency Breaks Silence on Marvel Casting Reports

The Idol Star Jennie Kim’s Agency Breaks Silence on Marvel Casting Reports

Blackpink star Jennie Kim’s agency spoke up after rumors sprung up about the K-pop singer and a potential casting in a Marvel project.
Initial reports seemed to suggest Kim, who most recently has appeared in a recurring role in HBO’s The Idol, would be joining the MCU as Luna Snow in an Agents of Atlas series.
Luna Snow (aka Seol Hee) is a fairly new character in the Marvel realm, having been the result of a collaboration between Marvel Games and Marvel Comics.
No Agents of Atlas project from Marvel Studios has been officially confirmed, but whispers of an MCU TV series centered on the super-powered team have been swirling for a few years now, with Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo supposedly as the series lead.
Jennie Kim’s MCU Casting Gets Shut Down

After rumors sprung up of South Korean pop star Jennie Kim’s casting in the MCU, the K-pop singer’s agency has shut the door on these super-powered reports.
Kim (a member of the K-pop group Blackpink) was reported to have joined an Agents of Atlas project from Marvel Studios, which her agency YG Entertainment flat-out denied.

The agency told Korean news outlet Naver “Jennie has never received an offer to appear in the Marvel series Team Agents of Atlas,” seemingly shutting the door on Kim’s purported ties to the MCU project.
Will the Agents of Atlas Join the MCU?
The super-powered team, led by Jimmy Woo in the comics, was originally a band of heroes made up of characters from Marvel’s predecessor, Atlas Comics, back in the 1950s.
However, the team was revamped in 2019 to feature exclusively Asian and Asian American characters like Shang-Chi, Silk, and Luna Snow (the character Jennie Kim was reported to be playing).
With more Asian and Asian American representation in the MCU as of late, an Agents of Atlas team-up would make perfect sense.
Initial reports of an MCU Agents of Atlas project date back to early 2020. Since then, a drip feed of rumors began with nothing substantial ever coming from Marvel Studios on the subject.
If casting is actually happening, whether Blackpink’s Jennie Kim is involved or not, that means these Marvel team-up could be real. And with San Diego Comic-Con on the horizon, perhaps this is the year fans finally hear about the project.

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