The Flash Movie Footage Confirms Another Major Justice League Character’s Return

The Flash Movie Footage Confirms Another Major Justice League Character's Return

The Flash Movie Footage Confirms Another Major Justice League Character’s Return

In the last trailer for Ezra Miller’s The Flash, another familiar face from Warner Bros.’ Justice League was confirmed to be returning.
While Barry Allen might be starting a new timeline and bringing together Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in the upcoming film, he won’t be completely missing his previous DCEU cast members.
For one, Ben Affleck’s Batman is back and even gets a new suit. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is also confirmed as well, an appearance spoiled by a new Funko Pop for the film.
Another Familiar Face Returns for The Flash

The Flash just got one last trailer, and it revealed another returning character from the Justice League film.
The familiar face is none other than Jeremy Iron’s Alfred, who can be seen talking to Barry over comms about meeting up with Ben Affleck’s Batman.
The last time the two interacted was in Zack Snyder’s Justice League towards the end of the movie.
The entire new trailer can be seen below, with Irons’ Alfred appearing at the :09 mark:
Who Else Will Be Showing Up for Ezra Miller’s Film?
For fans of Jeremy Irons’ Alfred, this will almost certainly be the last time he gets any time to shine in the DCU.
He’ll be joining Ben Affleck and most of the top names in the former DCEU in not being a part of the new DCU. The upcoming Batman film The Brave and the Bold is already confirmed to feature a new actor as the Caped Crusader, a change that will likely extend to his iconic butler.
Perhaps Alfred can sneak in a few seconds of screen time before Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom rolls the credits.
But will any other Justice League members will be joining the fun? It would be nice for the movie to give Henry Cavill’s hero a brief cameo at the very least, and perhaps Jason Momoa’s Aquaman could get a small mention to set the stage for his sequel later this year.
A returning face fans shouldn’t expect to see in The Flash is Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. His tumultuous relationship with Warner Bros. is well documented.
Still, it doesn’t sound like it’s gotten any better even with new management—in fact, he’s the only Justice League member without a profile icon on the new Max streaming series.
Maybe it’s about time the DCU finally starts fresh…ish.

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