Superman’s Next TV Show Gets Official Release Date

Superman's Next TV Show Gets Official Release Date

Superman’s Next TV Show Gets Official Release Date

Superman’s new TV show, My Adventures with Superman, on Adult Swim received a new trailer and official release date.
The upcoming series will feature Jack Quaid’s DC debut as the titular Man of Steel. The exact plot details of the show are still being kept under wraps, but marketing revealed that it will focus on a younger version of Superman.
Moreover, a previous press release confirmed that My Adventures with Superman will release “later this year” on Adult Swim and Toonami.
When Will Superman’s New TV Show Premiere?
Warner Bros. Discovery released a new trailer for My Adventures with Superman, confirming that the first two episodes will premiere on Friday, July 6 on Adult Swim and on Max on the next day, July 7.

The trailer is filled with exciting new footage from Superman’s TV series, showing the titular hero saving civilians from danger:

The trailer also showed new looks at Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen:
The new footage then provided a glimpse at one of the show’s villains:
Will Lex Luthor Appear in Superman’s New TV Show?
The Superman TV show’s two-episode premiere on Adult Swim allows the series to fully introduce Jack Quaid’s version of the DC hero, its core storyline, and other key characters like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.
My Adventures with Superman is poised to give fans a new take on the titular Man of Steel. That said, given that the trailer is brief, there is no indication (yet) that Superman’s greatest foe, Lex Luthor, will appear in the series.
Still, Season 1 of the new Superman series could explore different villains first before ultimately showcasing Lex Luthor in the final batch of episodes.
Hopefully, My Adventures with Superman’s fresh take on DC’s notable hero will be enough to warrant a sophomore season that would evolve the story further.
My Adventures with Superman will premiere on Adult Swim on Thursday, July 6.

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