DC’s Blue Beetle Movie Just Spoiled a Major Character Death

DC's Blue Beetle Movie Just Spoiled a Major Character Death

DC’s Blue Beetle Movie Just Spoiled a Major Character Death

An important character is confirmed to die in DC’s Blue Beetle, and it’s quite tragic.
Blue Beetle is filled with interesting characters led by Xolo Maridueña’s titular hero aka Jaime Reyes. Aside from the main hero, the movie’s core cast includes the Reyes family.
The exact plot details of the film are still shrouded in secrecy, but trailers have confirmed that it will highlight the hero’s origin story, his clash with a dangerous villain, and his bond with his family.
Who Will Die in DC’s Blue Beetle?
In the latest issue of MovieMaker magazine, Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto talked about Damián Alcázar’s character, Alberto Reyes AKA Jaime Reyes’ father, and his apparent death in the film.

When MovieMaker’s Joshua Encinias reflected on his dad’s death while also talking about how Blue Beetle referenced Macario, it prompted Soto to note that Alberto Reyes’ death scene is “close to [his] heart:”
Jaime Reyes actor Xolo Maridueña chimed in, pointing out that Albert Reyes’ death scene was his “favorite part” in the movie:
Maridueña continued by reminding everyone to “hug” their parents if they are still alive:
Circling back to Soto, the Blue Beetle director opened up on how he was able to ground the fantastic elements of the movie in reality:
Soto also noted how Blue Beetle’s exploration of the afterlife is inspired by the Mexican movie Macario.
Soto first talked about his faith, confirming that he practices a religion called “Yoruba:”
Blue Beetle explores the afterlife, with it being inspired “in part” by Gabriel Figueroa’s shots in Macario.
For those unaware, Macario is considered one of the best Mexican films ever made. The movie was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1961 Academy Awards, and it revolves around the titular character who takes a journey to the afterlife.
In Macario, there was a scene where the titular character encounters Death’s cavern filled with thousands of candles. Soto referenced that specific scene when Jaime visits Alberto in the afterlife:
Soto also worked with Blue Beetle’s VFX department and production designer to pay tribute to Macario’s cascading candles:

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